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  1. Hello,

    I really enjoyed reading your story, and thought it was great to make it seem like we were actually preparing to fight Voldemort. I thought you used a lot of good detail to give the readers like us a perfect picture of what was actually going on throughout the story. I think the image you used for your story really amplifies what we were thinking throughout reading it. One thing I did not see when you were writing your story was a author note. I think the author note is really important to show us the readers why you chose to do what you did, and also just so we have some background information. Other than that, I think you did a great job, and hopefully have more stories like this to come.

  2. Hi Luda,

    I think your background information on the lives of Harry Potter characters is great. I think you have a great picture in order to portray how Voldemort looks. At the same time naming an ugly evil character can lead to all different kinds of different imagery that somebody can cognitively think up. The image you put into the first story gives the reader a good concrete image though! I can tell you're leading to an end game battle between Harry Potter and Voldemort, very similarly to the final ending battle between Rama and Ravana. One thing I think you should add is something about Harry Potter and his admirer, Ginny. I think that could maybe add a cool twist to play on with the same story as how Ravana captures Sita, and how Rama has to go out and win her back. While this isn't the main part of your plot it still might be worthwhile. Looks good though!

  3. Hey Luda,

    I completely love your story and how you were able to bring the Harry Potter theme into the story. I think that incorporation was great and everything was falling into good places. The past story. The pain on Harry's head after the story. Those were all real things . I am glad that you were able to find something that fit the Epics. I must say that when you were telling the past story, perhaps you could add some dialogue that Harry might have to show that Harry was actively listening and want to know more about it. Other than that, I think that your story is very exciting and easy to follow. The best of all that you brought in the Character transformation. I never thought of that and that was creative. I hope to read more of your story, because I really enjoy the Harry Potter's plot that you used.

  4. Good afternoon, Luda! I am here from your portfolio where I read your story "Harry Meets Lord Voldemort". Like you, I also read "Tiny Tales from the Ramayana" and I can see many of the same core elements and principles throughout your story. I must say, your version was so much fun to read. I thoroughly enjoy your take on the Ramayana. It is very creative to incorporate a Harry Potter theme. Not only that, you have kept that theme throughout your entire website! You website is another aspect that I like a lot! It is very visually appealing with the different fonts, pictures and picture sizes. The website is also easy to navigate which makes it a pleasurable experience for the viewer or reader. Overall, I love it all! You did a great job with this. Although the semester is coming to an end soon, I hope I have the opportunity to read more from you in these last couple of weeks!

  5. Hi Luda!
    When I saw that your storybook was inspired by Harry Potter, I knew I had to read it! I have to say, in hindsight I should have seen this coming, but I was not expecting Harry Potter and Voldemort to be reincarnations of Rama and Ravana. I love that concept though! I love that your narrator is Parvati since she was involved in the entire story. With that being said, I feel like Parvati telling Harry the entire story takes away the excitement a little bit. I think his character would be the curious type who tries to find out things by himself without directly asking. Parvati could still act as a narrator for that story, but you may consider not having her tell him the history outright. And your second story! It ended on such a cliffhanger. I was sitting at the edge of my seat ready to know what happened next, but that was the last story you had posted. I am very excited to read your final story and know how everything ended. Amazing job!


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